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The Answers to Those Cleaning Myths

By now, the miles of tinsel, fluttering fairy lights and pesky pine needles will have been sweeped up, packed away and thrust into the loft for yet another year. The turn of the year offers itself as the perfect time to treat your home to a spring clean.

For years there have been myths and stories passed on from generation to generation on the best ways to deal with spills, stains and general mess that our homes come so accustom too. With the constant stampede of shoes, it is no surprise then that the floor can be a nightmare to keep clean.

Here at Welwyn Carpets, we take pride in the quality and range of our laminate flooring and carpets in Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, St Albans and the surrounding areas. Our extensive range can meet your specific requirements from size to style and fitting. With years of experience and knowledge under our belt, our qualified fitters will be able to advise you on everything from picking the perfect flooring through to installation and maintenance.

Our dedication to our customers extends further than the shop floor though, which is why it’s worth knowing the truth about those housewife myths!

“Bleach – The Ultimate Cleaner?”

Bleach is a disinfectant – NOT a cleaner. Whilst it may smell toxically-clean, it’s because it is used to kill bacteria and germs and, when used on a carpet, will often drain the colour from its fibres.

“More Soap, More Cleaning Power?”

Surely the more soap you use, the greater the effect, right? Wrong. Using too much soap or detergent makes it difficult to rinse and remove excess residue. In turn, this will attract dirt and will become dingy and worn.

“Read All Out It – Newspaper Has Cleaning Qualities!”

This is technically, a half-myth. Yes it does work, but there are easier alternatives. Whilst using newspaper may be more eco-friendly, it doesn’t hold well together when wet and can smear frames.

Whilst there are hundreds of myths out there, the best advice most of the time is to seek professional help to keep your new flooring from Welwyn Carpets fresh and bright. Check out our website for an extensive look at our available range.

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