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How to Care For Your Hard Wood Flooring

Hard wood floors are durable, affordable, and they can help to improve indoor air-quality. This type of flooring is generally speaking easy to take care of, but it does require little routine maintenance.By putting just a bit of effort into looking after your hard wood floor, you get to keep it looking good for many years to come. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

Use the Right Cleaning Products on Your Hard Wood Flooring
If you use the wrong cleaning products on your hard wood flooring, it may be doing more harm than good. It is important that you first determine the type of finish that has been used on the wood because this determines the right cleaning products to use – you are best sticking to products designed for your particular floor, so read manufacture guidelines and cleaning product instructions carefully. It is also recommended that you avoid using waxes, oils, or sprays designed for furniture, as these can make your floor slippery or leave a residue.

Keep Dirt Under Control
It is a good idea to sweep your hard wood floor once a day – especially in those areas where there is a lot of traffic. You can also keep dirt at bay by vacuuming once per week but just make sure to use a brush or felt vacuum head.

Mopping once a week should be sufficient unless you are a particularly busy household. It is important to use water sparingly because it can damage the wood – if you are cleaning a waxed floor you need the mop to be almost dry. Experts recommend that you should mop in the direction of the grain. It is best to do a final mop of the floor using clean water so as to remove any cleaning solution.

Protect Your Hard Wood Floor with Rugs
It is a good idea to put down rugs on the high-traffic areas of your hard wood floor. This is going to pick up most of the dirt and prevents it from being spread around the rest of the house. You just need to be careful to choose a rug that does not contain dyes that could leave stains – the plastic backing on some rugs can also cause damage. It is also important to put down rugs that are slip-resistant to prevent accidents.

More Tips for Taking Care of Your Hard Wood Floor
• Wipe up any water spills right away
• Avoid rolling/pushing heavy furniture or equipment across the floor
• Put rugs in front of sinks to soak up any spilled water
• If you have pets, make sure you keep their nails trimmed

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